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Never entered our door step on 28 Sep 22

an unveiled guest

full of contempt,

challenging all of our humanity.

Never is not a friend, is nay an associate.

he came here to break us -- and break us apart.

I began to crack only days later after his final altercation with us

I surfaced lonely, dazed and shocked.

I did not want to ask for help from others

nor if they could spare their time, their energy, their concerns.

I was still  way too busy pondering disappointment,

too busy hiding my feelings and vulnerabilities .

I even faked my nay breaking heart

losing is all that devastation is, I was lost but it too was us.

Brutalized who could have stood up to this?

This bully had our attention, he had us all to believe in his lesson, we became his example

exacerbating my anger, my shame 

I digress, I was simply choking from the pain.

We hid behind our severed walls and roofing, a mere token of a fig leaf.

Allowing this lesson of devastation to tear us apart right from the seams

I want to take time to wipe my eyes, just not in front of you or others.

I was just held up --

by a deadly foe that only came here to destroy us and steal all the depth of our dreams.

Today Ian, I am buried beneath your feet, mostly and lastly 

my panic is just a tempered state shock, a moment of super imposed pain

this feels heartless and this anguish is my grievance, is my moment to never...

by TUK

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